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A podcast that follows CheckPoint's Threat Intelligence Group analysts and researchers as they scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities. Produced by PI Media LTD
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  1. [CPRadio] Vaccines on the Darknet

    When the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were first approved, almost nobody could get one. Meanwhile, on the darknet, cybercriminals were offering deals on mass shipments. Most people still aren't inoculated today, yet the darknet market for vaccines is thriving.Is the darknet getting vaccines while the rest of us ...


  2. [CPRadio] Cyberspy VS. Cyberspy

    In the summer of 2016, a group of anonymous hackers hacked into the NSA and released some of the most powerful exploits ever developed. The ramifications of that leak would be felt for years to come, in some of the most destructive cyber attacks on record. But even all these ...


  3. [CPRadio] SolarWinds Explained

    The recent SolarWinds breach was one of the most sophisticated, complex cyber operations in history. By the end 18,000 companies, including a dozen U.S. federal agencies, were compromised. How did the hackers pull it off? ...


  4. [CPRadio] War on All Fronts: Rampant Kitten

    A man goes on Dubai T.V to discuss national security in the Middle East. 1,000 miles north, a social activist uses Telegram to organize anti-government activity. 5,000 miles north, an immigrant applies for a driver's license in Sweden. None of these people know one another, but they're all about to ...


  5. [CPRadio] SIGRED: Hijacking Microsoft Windows Server

    DNS is the phone book of the internet--it's how your computer knows where to go to reach the website you want to visit. It's no stretch to say that, without functioning DNS, the internet as we know it could not exist. So imagine what would happen if you could completely ...