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A podcast that follows CheckPoint's Threat Intelligence Group analysts and researchers as they scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities. Produced by PI Media LTD
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  1. [CPRadio] SIGRED: Hijacking Microsoft Windows Server

    DNS is the phone book of the internet--it's how your computer knows where to go to reach the website you want to visit. It's no stretch to say that, without functioning DNS, the internet as we know it could not exist. So imagine what would happen if you could completely ...


  2. [CPRadio] Alexa, What's Going On?

    Most people place their virtual assistants in their living room or bedroom. This makes it very easy to interact with cyberspace while you're laying around, watching T.V., or doing dishes. It also means that you're allowing a listening device into the most sensitive spaces in your home. ...


  3. [CPRadio] Instagram: The Problem With Open-Source

    When Gal Elbaz came across a modest GIF parser sitting in a remote corner of GitHub, he wasn't exactly looking for trouble. But he found it. What was so troublesome about this parser in particular? It wasn't popular, it was created by some unknown programmer, and it didn't have any ...


  4. [CPRadio] TikTok and the Cybersecurity Challenge

    Major tech companies understand that their brands are only as strong as they are safe to use, so they set bounties on vulnerabilities: hundreds of thousands of dollars, a million dollars, to any programmer who can find a hole in their sites. White hat hackers comb every line of code ...


  5. [CPRadio] Operation Tripoli

    In 2015, Khalifa Haftar--a fierce military general, known as "Libya's most potent warlord"--began an operation to take over the state of Libya. He led an insurgent army, slowly taking over the country's southern lands, headed straight for the capital of Tripoli. All the while, 'Khalifa Haftar' on Facebook was publishing ...