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A podcast that follows CheckPoint's Threat Intelligence Group analysts and researchers as they scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities. Produced by PI Media LTD
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Latest Episodes…

  1. [CPRadio] Eye on the Nile

    It began with a "Google" security email. But the trail of breadcrumbs traced back to something much, much bigger: a laser-targeted hacking campaign that put its targets' lives in danger. ...


  2. [CPRadio] Cyber Trends: Check Point Annual Cyber Report

    Last year, iOS, Zynga, Facebook and Capital One were hacked. Personal information from over a billion people were exposed in data breaches, and new kinds of attacks we've hardly seen before came to dominate cyberspace. Check Point reviews the biggest trends, ...


  3. [CPRadio] UPSynergy: Chinese-American Spy vs. Spy Story

    The world's premier cyber espionage agency built one of the world's most advanced cyber tools. When it was leaked, most of the security sector was stunned. Hidden away at the other end of the world, however, a worthy adversary had already deployed the same attack tool. ...


  4. [CPRadio] Hacking Fortnite Accounts

    The most popular video game in the world has a problem: a black market economy has developed around its in-game currency. Cybercriminals are hacking user accounts, juicing credit cards, and selling virtual currency for real-life dollars and cents. To ensure fun and safety for players, the cycle must be ...


  5. [CPRadio] Domestic Kitten: An Iranian Surveillance Operation

    The Middle East is a turbulent and explosive region, to put it mildly – and that is why when Aseel Kial, a Malware Analyst at CheckPoint, came across a new malware targeting ISIS operatives, she wasn't terribly surprised. The surprise came, however, when she found out who is behind ...